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Handmade Soaps 

   Coconut Oil is the leading soap making oil, with it's rich and luxurious qualities. For centuries coconut oil has been known to be a natural skin conditioner, consists of more than 90% saturated fat. It acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skin, including dry skin and problem skin. The benefits of coconut oil on the skin are comparable to mineral oil. The small molecular structure of coconut oil allows for optimal absorption through the skin, leaving it with a smooth and soft texture. Delays wrinkles and saggy skin that come with aging.

   Castol oil is one richest, most healing skincare oils, nature has to offer. Also provides for creamy lather.

  Olive oil soap can also be healthful to the skin. Rich in vitamin E and beta carotene, as well as being an antioxidant, it stimulates new cell generation, slows the progression of wrinkles, and gives skin a youthful look. Extremely mild, it also helps people with a variety of skin conditions.

   Corn oil soothes dry skin, rich in vitamin E and acts as an anti-oxidant in the skin.


   Cocoa butter is made from the vegetable fat of the cocoa bean. It is very effective for lubricating dry skin. This natural moisturizer also softens the skin. Herbal Luxuries writes that "cocoa butter is an excellent emollient that is well absorbed by the skin. Its incredibly high content of vitamin E is responsible for its beneficial properties." Vitamin E is proven to help with skin renewal and repair. Cocoa butter is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals or toxins that damage tissues at the cellular level. The antioxidant property also provides a natural preservative so cocoa butter lasts for a long time.


   Shea Butter  naturally abundant in vitamins and minerals, it deeply moisturizes even the driest of skin, soothing on contact and rejuvenating your skin.


   We take great pride in handcrafting our soaps in small (20) bar batches, only using the finest ingredients and fragrance and essential oils are used.

The house special bars with the ingredients listed above have no preservatives, more of a pure and natural soap. There is one bar with no color or fragrance. All soap bars are very creamy and lather great.


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